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Commerce and services

Since the very beginning, NOVITUS brand has been creating systemic electronic/IT solutions addressed to commerce and services. It is precisely to these customers that our devices and solutions are dedicated.


Fiscal equipment

The characteristic feature of the NOVITUS brand is the adaptation of the product range to real-life needs and the expectations of the market. We are sensitive to all changes of the fiscal law and include them in the design work of the equipment.


As an effect, we have a very diverse offering of NOVITUS fiscal products, which can be successfully applied in any branch of commerce and services, regardless of the outlet size, turnover or product range. Our devices are tailor-made to different needs. At the moment there are more than 600 thousand fiscal products with NOVITUS logo working in the Polish market.

Automatic Identification equipment

Today it is hard to imagine an efficient sales process without printers, bar code scanners or data terminals. It is even harder to believe that not long ago these devices did not exist.


Automatic identification has more and more uses. It is perfect for supporting shipping services, allowing for the easy recognition of the shipment, product or goods, and checking its entire transport history in an instant. Inventory taking without the application of data terminals is also a painful chore. More and more often, the automatic identification devices are used in other areas of life, e.g. allowing fingerprints to be read . Scientists foresee a further development of such systems, which – on the one hand – simplify your life, and on the other hand are the perfect protection of goods or services.

NOVITUS is ready to offer you identification devices of the highest quality and reliability.


NOVITUS is a distributor of automatic identification devices of the following brands:




Common sense suggests that weighing devices are used mostly in commerce. However, if we consider all the activities, which require weight control, it will become apparent that the specialized scales are also necessary for jewelers, shipping companies, post offices or collection points.


Therefore, not only commerce, but also services require reliable, accurate electronic scales. NOVITUS offering includes 50 types of various weighing devices. Our scales prove their worth both in places, where ultimate precision is required, and where the weighing of large-dimension goods is performed.

NOVITUS is a distributor of electronic scales of the following brands:



Labellers and slicers

The wide range of products offered by NOVITUS also includes price labellers and slicers of proven quality. The available labellers include two-line models, which enable printing the price together with the product number or symbol, as well as one-line models, with MX 5500, the most desired and cheapest price labeller in the Polish market.


In turn, the slicers offered by NOVITUS are predominantly the products of a renowned Italian manufacturer OMS, who have been designing and engineering slicers recognized around the world for more than 50 years.

NOVITUS is a distributor of the price labellers of :

and OMS slicers.


Sales systems

At the moment sales systems, which offer only the printing of cash desk receipts, are nothing extraordinary, but a commonplace standard. However, the possibilities of sales systems are much wider, as they allow for a very thorough sales analysis. These can successfully replace costly market research and provide important information on e.g. customer traffic at specific times of the day or shopping preferences. Modern sales systems also allow inventory taking to be performed in a quick and precise manner involving only a handful of employees.


The distinguishing feature of NOVITUS sales systems is the fact that we individually approach each system design and consider the nature of the given service facility of commercial outlet. We propose optimal hardware solutions, matching the needs of our customers. We are able to build a sales system for any commercial or service outlet of custom size and designation. This is made possible through the use of the large package of NOVITUS devices and the systemic possibilities created together with Insoft. Our customers receive comprehensive, fully functional devices. We also provide technical support for the devices and the system.

Electronic transaction systems

Year by year, cashless transactions are becoming more and more popular in our country. We have become used to payment cards and our wallets contain more and more cards of various designation. The electronic payment system by NOVITUS is based on already operating terminals or computer cash desk stations.


Transactions with the use of magnetic, processor or bar code cards are performed in a very simple manner. The system records a transaction performed in any place within the country and the related information is collected on the central server. Such solutions offered by NOVITUS allow the creation of very diverse systems supporting the operation of the given commercial or service outlet, as well as the building of loyalty systems.

Payment systems

Nowadays it is hard to imagine your daily life without payment cards. We use them at almost every step of the way: in shops, hotels, restaurants, cinema or at gas stations.


As most customers do not carry cash, both commercial and service outlets look for the best solutions in the scope of payment systems. There are multiple such solutions available under the NOVITUS brand. One of them is based on the application of Compact series payment terminal. Another one allows for the use of Celto S1 computer application. In both cases it is possible to handle payment transactions with VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD / EUROCARD or MAESTRO cards.

NOVITUS offering also includes payment terminals for such service outlets, which want to keep to the traditional forms of payment transactions.
NOVITUS also offers cashless SkyCash transactions – a universal system of payments via mobile phone, operating in each GSM network and through each telephone with Internet access. It provides simple and quick money transfers with a guarantee of the highest security levels.

Loyalty systems

Most likely, each of us has encountered loyalty programs operated with use of regular customer cards many times. We receive them in various situations: at gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, fitness clubs or drugstores. As a matter of fact, loyalty systems can be created in practically any branch of commerce and services.


The NOVITUS offering of systems and devices include loyalty systems, based on – in the case of commercial outlets - payment terminals and magnetic cards. These elements are used to charge points on cards and to grant discounts for specific goods. At the same time, the system generates a multi-tier database related to loyalty transactions, which can be the perfect material for marketing analyses by the facility managers.

In turn, in service outlets the loyalty systems offered by NOVITUS most frequently operate on computer stations. The programs can be more extensive and allow for the application of a bigger number of types of regular customer cards. These can be magnetic, processor or bar code cards. Loyalty systems for service outlets also enable inputting algorithms to charge points or grant discounts for specific goods.
Within the NOVITUS brand, we will prepare and implement a loyalty system to match your expected goals in the best manner.


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